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Officer4Hire has developed customizable benefits for customers working across various commercial and industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, distribution, corporate construction, healthcare, retail, engineering, etc. We strive to protect both properties and individuals by offering security services to prevent fire receptionist support, monitoring, patrols and the management of entry points, and ensuring our client's reputation for a long time.

  • Customized Services
  • Alert And Diligent
  • Certified Guars
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Officer4Hire Security Guard Service Chicago is a private security firm that provides security guard services for commercial and residential properties. We provide various security guards services, from unarmed to armed guards to personal security. Our security guards do not only provide security guards for private use. However, we also employ security experts who specialize in each security element we provide. Our security guards are trained and licensed. They have the expertise and the common sense which only bring positive results for our customers. If you're looking for a top security firm in San Diego, you can call us now to schedule a no-cost consultation! Please take a look at the security guard services that we provide!

  • 1. Residential Security Services
  • 2. Fire Watch / Fire Guard Officers
  • 3. Retail Security Services
  • 4. Corporate Security Services
  • 5. Private Security Services
  • 6. Private Investigations
  • 7. Security Patrol Services
  • 8. Bar & Restaurant Security
  • 9. Warehouse Security Services
  • 10. Health Care Security

Officer4Hire carries natural dignity to provide our clients with the highest quality security services. We provide various security services, such as Unarmed Security, Mobile Patrol Services, Loss Prevention and Armed Security Security at work, Security, Special Events, VIP Security, Foot Patrol Services, Private Investigation, and Building Security. Our code of conduct is precise for all safety needs.

  • Residential
  • Communities
  • Health Care
  • Security
  • Retail Stores,
  • Shopping Malls
  • Offices, Commercial
  • Buildings
  • K9
  • Services
  • Specialized
  • Services
  • Construction Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Security Management

The Unleashing of Services Excellence

The Unleashing of Services Excellence

Officer4Hire Security is the next generation of security services available in Chicago. We have the experience to ensure that you and your business are protected. Still, more importantly, we know how to enhance your business through exceptional client service and attention to minor details. We are committed to protecting every customer's property and company.

Free Consultation

We discuss your security concerns and how we will give you and your employees the peace of mind you require.

Risk Assessment

After identifying your risk, We develop a plan to reduce risk and reduce the effect of risk.


Our highly trained and experienced guards are part of your team, guaranteeing your security.

Service Provider Application

1. Be part of the best professional security guard company.

2. Providing exceptional security guard services in your area for a variety of events.

3. Sign in and be available up to 40 hours per week.

4. Earn money fast and easy by providing exceptional service.

5. Sign-up is easy and quick.

Customer Application

1. Officer4Hire is the world's most elite & powerful mobile app designed for security guards and clients.

2. Highly affordable and exceptionally easy to use.

3. Packed with powerful features, guard access to the mobile app allows the security guards to seamlessly check-in/out of a client site.

4. Receive post orders, submit guard tour reports, & stay connected with the team.

5. Client access to the mobile app empowers the clients to manage & stay up-to-date on the progress made on-site.

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